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Trading Ideas

We publish trading ideas on forex pairs and crypto pairs. The authors combine fundamental factors with technicals to predict potential price movement. Although we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy every time, we are hoping for you to get some fresh trading ideas with our help. Traders can use the ideas for binary options trading and forex trading.

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BTC/USD crypto trading - 9400 support/resistance level - 30 Apr 2018

BTC/USD crypto trading 30 Apr 2018
Last week, I basically identified the Bitcoin range between the 8800 and 9600 levels by suggesting a double top formation. The second top was formed with prices reaching 9565. We still need to see whether the bears are strong enough to push the prices lower, but the current price action is pointing south.

BTC/USD crypto trading - Market correction - 25 Apr 2018

BTC/USD crypto trading 25 Apr 2018
In the last few days, the Altcoins have been very strong, pushing the Bitcoin prices north. The bulls kept buying at higher lows, and the BTCUSD almost touched 10,000 before it retraced some of the gains. Currently, we can see a significant market correction, and it will be interesting to follow the buyers’ reaction.

BTC/USD crypto trading - Wedge pattern competed - 13 Apr 2018

BTCUSD crypto trading 13 Apr 2018
If you look on the 4-hour chart, that rally wasn’t a big surprise; it actually completed the falling wedge pattern. In theory, when the price breaks the upper trendline in a falling wedge, we can expect a reversal. It looks like the crypto sharks are also making by-the-book decisions.

BTC/USD crypto trading - Bullish momentum is rising - 04 Apr 2018

BTC/USD crypto trading 04 Apr 2018
My idea is mostly based on price action. A bearish flag pattern has appeared on the 4-hour charts, but in my opinion, this pattern will not complete and price is likely to move north. Currently, BTCUSD is trading around 7000, which I believe is ideal for an entry with stops at 6800.

BTC/USD crypto trading - Cryptocurrencies ads ban - 28 Mar 2018

BTC/USD crypto trading 28 Mar 2018
A complete ban on crypto-related ads, especially initial coin offerings (ICOs), is what the internet giants Google and Facebook decided. Later, Twitter also joined the group, which meant putting the crypto world in the dark. The reason behind such strict measures is the rising power of shady ICOs promising investors quick returns in no time.

BTC/USD crypto trading - Double top pattern - 06 Mar 2018

BTC/USD crypto trading 06 Mar 2018
According to, on the 26th of February, Bitcoin transaction volume hit a new low of confirmed transactions per day: only 180,000 completed transactions, which is the lowest number since March 2016. Despite the recently improved transaction cost and speed, people seem to be less interested in using the cryptocurrency.

ETH/USD crypto trading - Inverse head and shoulders pattern - 05 Mar 2018

ETH/USD crypto trading 05 Mar 2018
Ethereum prices have moved into a consolidation mode for the past few weeks with price action trading flat. Lack of any clear fundamentals has left the cryptocurrency to depend on technical trading. The cryptocurrency also did not react much to news from one of the most famous crypto investors Roger Ver.

EUR/USD forex trading - Eurozone services PMI - 05 Mar 2018

EUR/USD forex trading 05 Mar 2018
The Eurozone services PMI for the month of February will be released today at 0900 GMT. According to the economists polled, the services activity in the Eurozone is expected to remain stable with the index registering a print of 56.7. The forex signal of the day is EURUSD, the currency pair bounced back higher but the gains were capped by the resistance level.

Breakouts trading - 5 minute binary options

5 minute binary options trading
My trading style is based on support and resistance breakouts for trading 5-minute binary options. It is a simple breakouts strategy that uses two Meta Trader 4 indicators: Support/Resistance Barry and Value Chart. I am trading the EUR, GBP, USD and JPY currency pairs during the European and U.S. sessions.

GBP/USD trading - US housing starts - 19 Jul 2017

GBP/USD chart 19 July 2017
In June, the Core CPI fell from 2.6% y/y to 2.4% y/y. The total CPI fell from 2.9% y/y to 2.6% y/y vs. the forecast of maintaining unchanged. The retail prices declined from 3.7% y/y to 3.5% y/y, against the expectations of 3.6% y/y. The housing prices showed better than expected, but they also fell: 4.7% y/y versus 5.3% y/y.
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