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Useful Tips for Binary Traders

On this page you can read useful tips and advices based on our experience. We hope this information will be very helpful for everyone who intend to trade with real money on binary options.

  • Make your investment strategy according to your monthly budget and do not trade with more than 20% of it.
  • Open additional bank account that you will use only for trading and transfer to it 20% of your monthly budget.
  • Before start trading binary options first read all educational materials that brokers offer. You need first to gain some knowledge about this type of financial instrument, how it works and how payouts are calculated.
  • When you register at a binary options broker ask for a demo account, first test the trading platform with no risk of losing real money. Try all types of options and gain some experience before starting a real trade.
  • Always ask for a bonus on your first deposit all brokers will offer you additional trading cash between 20% and 100% on top.
  • Read all education lessons on our website check out the strategies and pick up the best one for you. It is very important first to set up a strategy for your trading and afterwards to follow it.
  • Plan a trading strategy that is appropriate for the market condition based on fundamental and technical analysis.
  • It is very important to trade calmly and rationally, do not let your emotions take over and divert you from your chosen investment strategy.
  • To become a successful trader, you must learn how to manage your capital strictly and wisely.
  • Try to reach a stage where the trading system is working for you, identify your weak traits and work to overcome them.