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The binary options market is a range of forex, stock indices and commodities markets. We cover topics from the world of economy and finance. Information about major economic processes can help traders even in short term strategies and that is why our news focus on a variety of important events of economic and financial matter, bank policy decisions, potential market threats, etc. Stocks and indices are followed closely in order to bring you important news about volatile shares fast. We bring forex news too!

Traders predict deepening drop of oil prices as black gold plunges


Oil has dropped below the level of 45 USD for the first time since the beginning of the year, as analysts say the oil glut would bring prices even further down. Analysts around the globe warnеd this week that oil prices would continue to fall, reaching record low levels.

Facebook Inc, Amazon Inc, and Apple Inc may be overvalued


European stock markets headed for their biggest jump in the past two months as market cheered Macron's victory in France and Britain launched BREXIT talks. Goldman Sachs warned a good number of leading IT companies may be overvalued, which caused an initial hit on EU stocks last week before they bounced back, now heading for a jump.

Oil prices mark rise as number of Middle East countries cut ties with Qatar


Political tension in the Gulf region has made oil once again rise above 50 USD, following a drop last week. Oil futures were under sales pressure at the end of the past week, falling below the level of 50 USD on Friday after the decision of Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change deal was announced.

Samsung Electronics with record number of orders for Galaxy S8 and rising stocks


South Korea's tech giant Samsung Electronics has announced a record number of pre-orders for its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The launch of the new device is expected to be very successful after the spectacular failure of the Galaxy Note 7 phone last year with its exploding battery. Previous failures have not stopped Samsung stocks from rising, nor prevented the successful launch of Galaxy S8.

Pound remains surprisingly stable against euro and U.S. dollar as Brexit kicks off


Traders have seen the British pound keeping its stability at the backdrop of fears that Brexit would cause the currency to drop. In the long run, however, analysts expect that Brexit would make the pound weaken and the process will cause much volatility.

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