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How Should I Start?

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Hello! So I'm extremely new to the trading system! I really wanted to get to know some advice on what I can do as I made the careless mistake and have lost a lot of money sadly! However I want to learn how to successfully trade on IQ Option so that I can make a fresh start and hopefully make profit instead of losses! So I ask how should I start? I've been doing some research already, and my current plan is to try out the Keltner Channel strategy, any advice with that stragety or maybe try another strategy to begin with? I'm open for any help as I'd love to be able to come a successful casual trader and make some decent profits to try and help my student bank account accumulate a bit more money haha :P

Thank you in advance! :)


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Your broker has a demo account, you can try trading on it, it's free and you won't lose your money. Besides, there are many other very interesting brokers.

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First of all, test everything on the demo and then go on the real. And I'd advise adding something from yourself to the strategy