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Binary Options Education

Whether you trade binary options or forex, education is key. The depth of your knowledge will determine your success as a trader. Many try to sell the illusion of great success by only using auto-trading robots. They also say you don't need to be experienced to trade. We argue that thoroughly learning price action and fundamentals is essential. Invest your time in studying the markets before you go live on the trading platform. This is our advice.

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What is forex and why do we trade forex?


Although trading forex looks easy and quite accessible, traders should remember one can easily lose all his or her investment due to the risky nature of the forex markets. Furthermore, the volatility in the currency markets is not suited to all investment profiles. Therefore, it is always in a trader’s best interest to consult with his or her personal financial advisor.

Binary options for beginners - Best guide


Binary options trading might look easy to you, but profiting in the long run is far from an easy job. About 90% of traders struggle to maintain consistent income. To get into the 10% club, you have to gather your wits and quit gambling. The martingale strategy could save you a few times, but it won’t always work.

How to build a binary options strategy


Just like any new pattern, a trading strategy requires time to understand and get used to. You cannot expect to make a profit right off the bat just because the strategy made money for some other trader. The truth is traders need to spend time analysing their trading strategy before they can expect to make a profit from it.

Demo vs live account: how to start binary trading


A demo account might be a good start, but you should be aware of some psychological differences that comes with trading on a practice trading account. Just like babies learn to crawl before they can walk, and learn to walk before they can run, trading binary options successfully requires you to start with a risk-free demo trading account.

How to choose binary options broker


When you are choosing a binary options broker, always make sure to take your time and do your due diligence. There are enough documented cases about fraud, and despite the fact that financial regulators have become tougher on the brokers and the type of advertising they can do, there are still many dodgy firms you need to steer clear of.

History of binary options - how it all started


The attraction for binaries was partly due to the simplistic nature of the trade and the fact that one did not need to put up huge sums of money. Combine this advantageous prospect with no need for leverage and throw in the term “Fixed Risk” and binary options quickly became popular with traders.

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