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Ayrex Review

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4.5/5 of 17 ratings

Ayrex binary options

Does Ayrex sound familiar to you? Probably not. However, this is a broker for the future of binary options, and we believe you will like it. It is a new generation trading platform that will allow you to use indicators and signals in one screen.

The minimum investment is equal to the minimum deposit, which is $5. You will be able to start demo trading with $1,000, and no registration is required.

There are many scam binary brokers around that will try to rip you off, so it is important for us to show you the good ones. We were impressed with Ayrex’s legal pages, which cover the general terms, privacy policy, return policy, and risk disclosure.

All terms at Ayrex are well structured and presented clearly to the client. The broker informs you of all of the risks upfront and makes you understand that only you are responsible for all trading activities on its website. We believe all binary brokers should write their terms in the same way, but unfortunately, many try to trick you.

Ayrex has an AML policy on its website, which the broker applies to prevent any possible money laundering or financial support for illegal activities.

We traded for several months on the platform and made some analyses of the performance. Here is our Ayrex review.

Quick review
Regulated by: 
Short-Term, High/Low, One Touch
Markets available: 
Forex, Indices, Commodities
Broker type: 
Min. trade amount: 
Potential payout: 
Demo Account: 
Bonus offer: 
Account currency: 
Live chat, Phone, E-mail
Mobile platform: 
Payment methods: 
VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Fasapa, Mandiri
Broker Review

Ayrex Broker Review

The company name is Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd, and it is based in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The broker started operating in 2014 and currently is not a regulated broker but is in the process of obtaining a CySEC license.

What is special?

  • Its own developed trading platform
  • Free demo (no registration)
  • Demo contests with real money awards
  • Up to 30% bonus

Trading Platform

Ayrex trading platform works really fast and is designed especially for short-term trading. Traders can choose from 15s, 30s and 1m candles on the chart. The available expiries are from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in Short Term options. With High/Low trading, you can set your expiry for every 15 minutes for the next hour. Unfortunately, the broker does not offer daily and weekly options.

Traders can also get target prices for One Touch trading with Touch and No Touch options available on the platform. You need to predict if the current market price will touch or will not touch the target price any time before the option’s expiration.

Short term payouts are 70%. With High/Low, your return could reach 85%, depending on your asset. One Touch pays up to 80%.

Ayrex does not yet offer stocks for binary trading, and the assets list itself is quite limited but still you can trade major forex pairs, indices, and commodities.

Currently, the trading platform does not show its full potential, but soon the broker will add indicators, such as moving averages and bollinger bands. Signals software will also be included. All these features will definitely improve the platform’s performance.

The web-based platform is completely mobile, and you can access it on every mobile device.

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Mobile App

Ayrex mobile app is available in Google Play and and soon to be added in the App Store. The app performance you can test with demo money and no registration is required. It is well designed and works really fast for all Android devices. Only short-term trades are accepted with investments up to $5,000.

Demo Account

Ayrex shows a really friendly attitude offering demo trading completely free, and it doesn’t even require registration. You just need to load the demo platform, and you will have $1,000 to trade anytime you want. All trading features are available in demo mode, but to trade all of the assets, you will need to open a real account.

We also noticed the payouts are a bit higher in demo mode and could reach 98%. The real payout is a maximum of 85%.

Demo Contest

Ayrex runs a demo competition, called “Binary Blast,” with real money prizes. You can easily join it, but to qualify for one of the cash prizes, you should also possess a real account. Currently, first place is paid at $100 and most probably will increase when more people join the competition. All traders start with $1,000 in demo money, and the winner is chosen based on the highest balance at the end of one hour (only short-term options count).

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Ayrex bonus terms and conditions are the most honestly written we have ever seen in the entire binary industry. Most of the binary brokers will lock your deposit from withdrawal if you require a bonus but won’t tell you that upfront.

Unfortunately, Ayrex will also block all of the money (deposit + bonus) until the client fulfils all bonus requirements for a withdrawal. However, at least the broker tells you this before you make the deposit and get the bonus. Just carefully read the bonus rules on Ayrex’s website. You will find them at Hot Offers.

Bonus structure

  • $100 deposit: You receive a 10% bonus = $10
  • $500 deposit: You receive a 20% bonus = $100
  • $1,000 deposit: You receive a 30% bonus = $300

When you deposit, you will be able to disable the bonus if you don’t want your money to be locked from withdrawal. If you still request the bonus, it will be credited automatically into your account, then you will have 90 days to fulfil the requirements.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Currently, you can deposit at Ayrex with Neteller, Fasapay and Mandiri. The minimum deposit is $5, but the minimum investment is also $5, so it doesn’t really make sense to deposit only $5. VISA and MasterCard should be available for deposits and withdrawals very soon, as well as Skrill and UnionPay.

As part of the AML policy, all clients at Ayrex need to verify their account information by providing a copy of a color ID and proof of residence.

Once you make a deposit, only you are responsible for all trading activities on the platform. Many binary brokers offer account mangers who trade with your money, and at the end, you might end up with an empty account. At Ayrex, this simply can not happen because the broker’s terms forbids someone else from placing orders with your funds.

Withdrawals are available at anytime unless you lock your money with a bonus request. Once you verify your account, the withdrawal takes, on average, one to three hours, depending on payment method. If you use Neteller you can have your money in less than an hour. Make sure you request the withdrawal during the financial department’s working time; otherwise, it might take longer.

Trading Academy

Education videos and lessons are missing. Currently, you can find only a helpful platform manual in a PDF file, which combined with the completely free demo makes it easy to understand how to trade on the Ayrex platform.

Customer Support

Customer service is available via live chat and phone Monday through Friday 24 hours a day. Of course, you can always send an e-mail as well. The company offers great support that is helpful and won’t push you to make deposits for big bonuses. This is important when it comes to binary brokers because there are many brokers that will try to rip you off.

Pros and Cons


  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Unique trading platform
  • Free demo (no registration)
  • Demo contest with real money prizes


  • Unregulated
  • Limited payment methods
  • Daily expiries are missing

Ayrex does not accept clients from the following countries: USA


Do we recommend Ayrex?

There are still a lot of improvements to be done, but this broker is definitely moving in the right direction. It offers transparent rules for deposits, bonuses, withdrawals, payouts and quotes, and you will know all the risks upfront.

The trading platform will improve a lot with indicators and signals software implemented. More trading assets will be also available.

Ayrex is probably not the best choice at the moment, considering the limited payment options and trading assets, but you should definitely keep an eye on this broker.

We are contradicting ourselves recommending an unregulated broker, but it should obtain a CySEC license soon. Should you experience any problems with Ayrex please use the comments below to inform us.

Specialized deep reviews


Jack2000PE's picture is 100% SCAM. They will SCAM you and STEAL your money just like what they did to me and many other people. People please be AWARE and STAY AWAY from these bastards. These dirty creatures working in this SCAM broker are THIEVES and is a BIG SCAM... I am a victim of and I have been SCAMMED by these SCAMMERS. I am going to sue them everywhere on the internet and I will not let these BAD CREATURES Scam and STEAL from people. They have so many different ways to SCAM people. The first way is, they will STEAL your money by opening trades for their clients on Purpose FROM inside by their own STAFFS and they will make you LOSE all your money and “IF” you realize that and tell them why they stole your money, they will tell you it was a technical issue and wait for 7 days to get refund, BUT you will NEVER EVER get your money back, and they WILL NOT LET you WITHDRAW your own money which you have Deposited to their broker... So, do not think to yourself that you can Withdraw profits from this SCAM Broker, because you CANNOT even Withdraw your own money which you have Deposited to this SCAM broker. I have all the proofs (Screenshots, Chats) which they stole my money in front of my eyes and they also accepted and confessed that it was a technical issue and they will refund me in 7 days BUT later I have received an Email from these scammers that: we can offer you only bonus instead of your own money and you have to trade 2000% of that money in case if you want to withdraw your own money. It means I have to make 40$ to 800$ in case I want to withdraw my own money of just 40$. It’s like you have to beg for your own money… Few days ago I was trading and I buy a PUT option 40 Dollars, on EURUSD 1 Minute expiry and I won that trade, then in front of my eyes a CALL option was opened with the same investment 40 Dollars and on the same pair EURUSD 1 Minute expiry, It was so weird and I was so shocked that how and why this happened while I did not open that trade and I did not even touch my mouse... So opened a trade for me and it was lost... then I chat with one of their SCAM support named Jordan (Which is not his real name I think) and explain to him about the issues... and he says that we will refund you after 7 days... I asked them why do I have to wait 7 days for refund, you make me lost money and took my money in just 1 minute by opening a trade for me and now I have to wait 7 days for refund of my money??? You know why?? because in 7 days they will make me lose all my money by opening trades for me FROM inside of and they will claim again that it was a technical issue or they will let me lose the rest of my money in 7 days... People, it's not because of just 40 Dollars they took from me, it's nothing for me... I actually start trading on Forex since 2007 and I have 16 accounts with 16 different Forex, Stock and Binary Options brokers and I can make much more than that amount of money (or lose) in a single day, but my point is that I have trusted this broker and they just disappointed me by stealing my money even though it's just a small amount... now you just imagine they do it every day with thousands of innocent people... So, how much they can Steal from us in just one day??? And I am not that kind of trader who loses money because of his own fault and then blame the broker... I have lost more than 1500 USD only in Ayrex in just 2-3 days, but I will not blame them for my mistake... that was my own mistake and I will take responsibility for that and I would never blame the broker or anyone for my mistake... But this one was not my mistake and I did not open that trade and I did not lose that money, Ayrex did open that trade and made me lose my money... They won’t let you withdraw the rest of money you have left in your account even if you want to close your account permanently... by some excuses that our T&C says the minimum withdrawal is 5 dollars… Some other brokers also have minimum withdrawal amount BUT if the client wants to close his account permanently, they allow clients to withdraw the rest of their money even its lower than the minimum withdrawal amount. But does not allow you to withdraw the rest of your money even if you want to close your account forever. Now imagine how much money they can make every day from STEALING the rest of the money people have in their broker and they don't let people to withdraw their own money. People please DO NOT let these SCAMMERS to SCAM you and STEAL your money... Please think about yourself and your family and save your hard earned money and do not put your money in this SCAM broker and do not be a victim of this so called broker... Because the same thing will happen to you if you don't believe me... I swear to my GOD that 97% of all the GOOD reviews you see on the internet are from own STAFFS and the other 3% are from people who are doing affiliate program for this company and NONE of those good reviews posted by a real trader who is using this company...You can find real BAD reviews ONLY by real traders who were using this company and they have been scammed by this scammers... everything about this broker is LIE, their Address and phone number is also LIE, they do not located in London... everything is LIE. You can search on YouTube (including this link: and and much more…) and internet about SCAM AYREX and you will find the truth about these scammers by people who were using this broker and they have been scammed by AYREX.COM will STEAL your money and they WILL NOT LET you WITHDRAW your own money which you have Deposited to their broker...
pablo's picture
PLEASE BE AWARE MOST THESE REVIEWS ARE FAKE,. AND PAID,. i got proof. ayrex is a scammy place. customer service is ill-informed... they have many scammy tactis. such as paying for good reviews,.. they have a ''program'' for ppl to get 10usd for each good review with specific parameters.. here is the link to their corrupt good review sistem. besides paying bribes to losing traders .. they lie about or decit ppl with their crappy fake '' automatic withdraws'' farce. when you go to their site 1st u see all the cute graphs about how automatic ull get your paymnents,, but then theyll come uo wuth some excuse, first sayng 1 wallet doesnt work , then tellin me to use otherone. when i do '' it will take 3 days'' ... they got this rule that if u use neteler and skril the offer is a void, that simple. now, they say it says that on the webite but under '' EDUCATION'' .. can u believe this guys?.. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT ON THE PROMO FOR THIS ''GREAT FEATURE''. their pay per curency will go to 61 62% mayority of times with only 1 currency at 75 or better .. guess whicone...? the one that is near imposible to trade with. ofcourse.. ma ny times they have only 4 pairs running.. customer service seems to not know wth they talking about.. and seem to have fun and enjoy , tont customers when they have a serious issue.. offer no help. no way to get a hold of a superiror. THIS SITE IS NOT REGULATED.. !!! some bribed reviewsites claim they are, but no. htir platform also has stupid chart that only lets you see 15 minutes back. useless. and ofcourse their number never match whats in real markets. when asked they say '' we cant reval where we get out quotes from''. avoid this scammy place !!
Ayrex.Official's picture
Hello, Pablo! Thank you for the review! Just few corrections about it, if you do not mind: 1) Every trader decides for himself whether or not he wants to write a review about our platform and what to say about it. 2) Could you specify a little, please, how exactly our Customer Service disappointed you? We will fix it immediately. 3) Review-us bonus was active back in 2016 and due to its requirements, that you for some reasons forgot to mention, only real reviews with the trading background on the platform were accepted. As you understand, a background can be different: positive, neutral, negative, etc. and we accepted all. 4) Automatic withdrawals are available for every trader on the platform, who had deposited with Skrill only or Neteller only. It can be requested once in 24 hours for amounts within $100 and will be processed instantly without any commission. Manual withdrawals are usually processed within 1 - 3 hours in the working hours of our Financial Department (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00pm EET). 5) Could you, please, explain what do you mean by our website "being under education"? It is still working perfectly fine, as you can see, so any comments will be much appreciated. 6) Our average return rate is around 75% including the major assets. The maximum is 85%. Trading schedule is presented on our official website: 7) We are indeed not regulated yet, but we have never said that we are. Could you, please, tell us where did you see that? By the way, we have already applied for CySEC regulation and are in the process of adjusting our service to its strict requirements. 8) Charts can be checked back to 1 hour on the Real and on the Demo Platforms both. If you have any further questions or complaints about our service, please, send it anytime to 7)
Jack2000PE's picture
You are Right brother... is 100% SCAM
Saj's picture
The secret of success of ayrex is their office department their customer support, IT department, finance department etc ... Their customer support is available 24/ 5 in a week and they are very cooperative. I was having some issue regarding IT, concerned department resolve my issue with an hour and finance department make my withdrawal request complete in just 30 minutes.
Shagufta's picture
After using ayrex from last 2 years I can say that without any hesitation that ayrex is the only broker with no formal complications. They have very simple procedure to open an account , verification, deposit and withdrawal, which make me more relax.
Anu ahmed's picture
Binary option trading is always an enjoyment, passion and bread earning source for me but since I am using ayrex it becomes more attractive for me both in the sense of passion and earning because I feel more comfortable and secure with ayrex.
Anu ahmed
ADEBUSAYO's picture
Ayrex likes to keep it simple and treat everyone fairly no matter how much they invest and most especially the expedited withdrawal process is what mavels me about Ayrex. The great feeling of security is one of the things that makes me tread in the world of binary options and Ayrex gives me this feelings all the time.
ather's picture
In my opinion, ayrex has the most simple and quick platform. I started to use ayrex with the contest and now I am trading with ayrex and make a lot of money easily. ayrex makes binary trading very easy for me. they provide news and signals which is very effective and with instant automatic withdrawal they make me feel secure and comfortable.
Burair's picture
I am a professional binary trader from more than 5 years and working with many binary broker and from last few months, I am working with ayrex and no doubt about that this is the best binary broker in the world. The most important thing is, "instant withdrawal facility" which revolutionize the world of binary trading, now, I feel that my money is in secure hand. May God bless you " ayrex".
yewalehh's picture
Ayrex is the best broker where I perform my tests and live trades. I love this broker for their quick execution of the orders and it's a rare thing not to get your order executed, unlike some other brokers. Also the payout rates are acceptable
mt4coder's picture
The very first thing that attracts me to Ayrex is their instant withdrawals. I have been looking for a broker that allows me to make profit and withdraw in minutes and now I have found one; Ayrex. Brokers with a smooth and fast withdrawal process are very important for me or any other professional trader and that is why I choose to trade with Ayrex. They have a simple and intuitive platform with very fast execution; I especially love trading off the 5 seconds candlestick charts that they offer.
olumide's picture
I found Ayrex to be a very reliable, comfortable and suitable binary platform. I was amazed by its offers availed for beginner traders. Its lowest and very affordable deposit as $5 and three contest every week with $100 of prize. These contest, increase my profit taking power and making me perfect. I was not interested in binary option platform but Ayrex made me a lover of binary option trading. Ayrex gives me a very good confidence
olaolu's picture
I really enjoyed working on the site. Although it can be better with a little adjustment. I will definitely recommend it to my fellow friends who trade too
Hensegade's picture
Ayrex have an attractive, simple, and yet very powerful platform. I started with demo which is available for everyone to test their platform. I liked it . The real trading platform is just as fast as the demo platform. I have also tried their mobile app and it is just as good. Withdrawals are processed real quick and within the hour.There is non like it
wealthy's picture
This is a very nice platform to trade on. It is easy to use which will suit novices as well as seasoned traders. Minimum deposit is $5 which enables you to trade and you can build your account balance. The demo account can be used without having to fund your account. This also helps with your strategies. Their online support is also very good and queries are resolved within minutes. It is a must try platform.
joy's picture
Joining through their website is easy. Their app is also easy to use. Trading on their platform is easy and profitable. Deposit is fast. Also withdrawing from account is also easy and fast
grace's picture
I enjoy trading on the Ayrex demo platform. It's fast, accurate and most importantly – super user-friendly. I've practiced in every mode and figured out strategies that work best for me. now am ready to make deposit. i advice all to try them.
harriet01's picture
Ayrex is the best broker for me in my country. I love everything about them. To make it sweet they just made their app to enable easy access to the platform. Their support services are always friendly with users and that more encouraging. Making money here is the logo
harriet01's picture
Ayrex is the best broker for me in my country. I love everything about them. To make it sweet they just made their app to enable easy access to the platform. Their support services are always friendly with users and that more encouraging. Making money here is the logo
Sandaru Saranjaya's picture
A reliable broker MUST have some qualifications. Ability to give fast executions, many options to trade, Interesting Payouts and specially quick withdrawals. Ayrex has acquired all those qualifications. Try it's withdrawals and you'll feel it's hustle free super quick withdrawals only take like 20-30 mins. And verifying documents are even easier and quicker. Just upload the documents and they will verify those documents in a really quick manner. Customer support is active in 24 hours as you can get the service anytime you need it. No need of stay in queues transferring to many agents. The Ayrex customer service agents are like at your door. What you just have to click the "Live Chat" button and to tell your query. They do not take 10 seconds longer delay for replies also. Just try it. best broker for anyone!
Sandaru Saranjaya
grindgirl's picture
Ayrex brings a professional touch to trading binary options; their simple and user friendly platform gives on the feel of trading not gambling like on other platforms out there. Apart from a free demo account to improve my trading; other features I enjoy at Ayrex include; weekly contests, bonuses, a minimum deposit of only $5 and their ever helpful customer support.
Chathurapamod's picture
It's been nice to trade with Ayrex. Even i'm using there affiliate program too. I'm having 25% to 40% commission for my referrals trades. It's higher than other brokers. And plus it has a superb platform which no harder to identify the trade types and easy to take any trade. And the mobile application gives the awesome experience for turbo trades with supplying "Call" and "Put" buttons at bottom of the app supporting easier for taking any trade easily. And yes give a try on it. (Y)
Michael's picture
Binary options got a lot of brokers but the moment I work with Ayrex I realised that not all brokers are the same. Ayrex stood out with their policy, platform, zsupport services. I don't think I will work with any other broker except them. Love them to the bone
yunitatri's picture
Ayrex is a challenge for every professional trader. When login into platform there is 30 second choosed to trade. Ayrex great when we see short term, long term, and one touch but i think the 30 second of short term is the challenge. Get ready with Ayrex!
AndroJan's picture
Minimum deposit and minimum trade as lower as 5 USD at Ayrex is great. Full black website i guess it make it light and fast trade transmision beside it makes eyes and heart calm. Fast change when willing to use another pair to trade. So, Ayrex recommended!
rintul's picture
Good service very fast reponds for verification. Good service for chatting. Different platform to other broker. I think i'll try to trade with this broker.
M. Junior's picture
I think Ayrex is a great broker because give many forms to earn, including the great contest, the bonus and the level of work, is really esplendid, the platform is excelent, your devices is awesome and including the best broker of the UE, congratulations.
M. Junior
Ayrex.Official's picture
Dear traders, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about Ayrex here in the comment section. We have been happy to introduce several major improvements of our platform and right now are offering mobile trading apps on both iOS and Android for our traders. We are also introducing a major redesign and right now among our deposit methods are credit cards, FasaPay, UnionPay, Skrill and Neteller as well. We have also established an affiliate program which is open for webmasters. Please do not hesitate to ask questions!
kari09's picture
Ayrex have an attractive, simple, and yet very powerful platform. I started with demo which is available for everyone to test their platform. I liked it and proceeded to real trading and was not disappointed. The real trading platform is just as fast as the demo platform. I have also tried their mobile app and it is just as good. Withdrawals are processed real quick and within the hour.
DANMIKDAL's picture
I recommend Ayrex because the platform is very fast for to execute operations to 30 seconds, if you can to do trading to high speed, so Ayrex it´s the ideal platform for you. Ayrex offer a tournament 3 times to week where you will can to win 100$ if you arrived in the first place. This is cool if you don´t have capital for investment. That is my case I won 145$ free, without invest nothing in the tournament Binary Blast. I won money while I learn, when I will have 200$ then I will start to do trading in my real account in Ayrex. Ayrex have a great platform with a execute time instantly. The withdraws are very secure and fast for Neteller. You will can withdraw today and tumorrow you will have your money in Neteller account. In Ayrex the minor investment is 5$ ideal for the begginers and people with little capital. Ayrex is the best platform of binary option in the world.