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About Binary Options Post

Nowadays the world of global trading is on a first glance becoming more and more accessible to the wide public. With the introduction of financial instruments such as binary options, which were considered exotic not too long ago, both the investors and the markets discovered new horizons for expansion.

Their simplicity, limited risk and quick return of the investment, together with the advance in the field of mobile and internet technologies, makes this relatively new type of trade one of the fastest developing and profitable markets. But profit doesn’t come by accident or by guess, it comes with knowledge.

We as many of the investors worldwide were touched by the opportunities provided by this new market, and two of us – Toni and Matthew started our active trading life in 2010. Back then we had already tried FOREX and Stocks trading but were eager to increase our capital by investing in binaries, online.

From different countries around the world we were united by the same idea – to create a news website, which is fully dedicated to binary options trade, one that give us and our readers not only common financial information, but also a clue how this information can affect this specific market.

Being active traders for quite a while now, we target both experienced and new investors who would like to educate themselves and develop their abilities in order to be consistent and conscious in their trade. provides you a full explanation about what binary options are, how do they work, how to read market signs and events.

We provide you a fair comparison of the brokers, their trading platforms and offers. For the newbies we encourage them to use our education, blog, glossary and strategies pages and last but not least our forum. This is the place where we all met each other and where we learned the As and Bs of binary trading.

For the more experienced readers we provide quite a deep market overview, daily analysis and much more relevant information which can add value to your knowledge.

Our young and professional team, which consists of passionate traders, strives to provide you with unique and useful information, based on real trading experience and personal opinions. More about us you can find in our personal profiles on the website and all social networks.

Our main advice, the one that a friend gave us in the very beginning is “read and trade wisely so that you can make binary money". Welcome to!

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